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Do You Have Thicker Skin Than The President?

QUIZ: Do You Have Thicker Skin Than the President?

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Are you well-adjusted and receptive to constructive criticism, or is your vibe more "the Constitution started it!!!"?

1. You get a bad grade on an essay. How do you react?

2. How often do you Google yourself/search for references to yourself on social media?

3. Do you have friends with political viewpoints significantly different from yours? (Either more conservative, liberal, or radical.)

4. How often do you think people talk about you behind your back?

5. People who disagree with you:

6. How do you feel about your personal appearance?

7. What's your biggest flaw?

8. Have you ever digitally altered a picture of you to make it more flattering before posting it online?

9. When you encounter facts that run contrary to your predetermined opinions, how do you react?

10. How do you react to losing a game?

11. How much do you need to be liked?

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