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QUIZ: Is This Minor Character from Shakespeare or Harry Potter?

QUIZ: Is This Minor Character from Shakespeare, or a Minor Character from Harry Potter?

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Let's be real: we all know Wilbert Slinkhard to be the esteemed author of Magical Defensive Theory in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but he SOUNDS like he could be a wayward musician running afoul of the fairy king and his mischievous sprite in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Can you tell which of these characters are from Harry Potter, and which are from Shakespeare?

1. Octavius Pepper

2. Owen Glendower

3. Jane Nightwork

4. Sturgis Podmore

5. Nick Bottom

6. Phyllida Spore

7. Peter Quince

8. Margarelon

9. Angus Fleet

10. Morag MacDougal

11. Loxias

12. Robin Goodfellow

13. Herbert Chorley

14. Popilius Lena

15. Pierre Bonaccord

16. Andrew Aguecheek

17. Michael Williams

18. Ambrosius Flume

19. Simon Catling

20. Malcolm Baddock

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