Honest T-Shirts for the Socially Awkward

MTV Films; Risa Rodil


Ever failed so hard at socializing that you demoted yourself from "party guest" to "chief overseer of the corn chip bowl"? US, TOO. (Only 85 years to go until we can stop attending parties forrrr. good.)

What if you could telegraph the impending awkwardness to conversational sparring mates before your fumbling social skills announced themselves? What if there existed a t-shirt that confessed your worst impulses before you even opened your mouth to say, "If I could have dinner with anyone living or dead, I would choose a prehistoric fossil"?

In honor of this gaping hole in the t-shirt market, we had genius illustrator Risa Rodil create nine t-shirt slogans, based on our favorite awkward rhinoceroses from pop culture.

First up: Napoleon Dynamite, who kind of owns his awkwardness if we're honest.

This slideshow was originally published in 2015

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