Your Fave Fictional Characters Get Back-to-School Makeovers

Vitoria Bas, Kate Allan, & Tyler Feder


The list of things that can ease the pain of going back to school is woefully short: there are gratuitous shots of Chris Pratt's torso, industrial-sized bags of gummy worms, last-minute Netflix binges, and THIS SLIDESHOW. Our highly impressive team of crackerjack illustrators (including Tyler FederPage SchumacherKate Allan, and Vitoria Bas) took it upon themselves to give everyone from Ron Weasely to Belle back-to-school makeovers, so now you can find comfort in the fact that you're not heading into the new school year alone—your fave characters are coming with you! Click through to check out all the awesome illos, then hit the comments so we can all have panic blackouts about summer's imminent end TOGETHER. We'll bring the gummy worms!!

This slideshow was originally published in August 2015

Topics: Books
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