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August Horoscopes!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Spend some time alone this month to recharge your batteries, Scorpio, because if you do it in public then everyone will know you are a robot and your schemes will be foiled. Your Romance Fact for this month is that most people automatically tilt their heads to the left when kissing; if someone is manually tilting his head to the left, using his hands, he is also a robot, and not to be trusted. Your Backup Romance Fact is that human saliva has a higher boiling point that water, although if this factors into your plans in any conceivable way, you should not be planning whatever you're planning.

Topics: Life
Tags: astrology, horoscopes, zodiac, the future, zodiac signs, future predictions, astrological signs, you're going to suffer but you're going to be happy about it

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