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QUIZ: How Purple Is Your Prose?

QUIZ: How Purple Is Your Prose?


Sometimes, we all use purple prose in our writing… or should I call it "unnecessarily abstruse and excessively overwrought verbiage"? Flowery descriptions and overly complicated vocab words are tempting to throw around in your stories and essays, but sometimes they can distract from your overall message instead of enhancing it. Finish the following sentences to find out if your prose is purple or on point.

1. Claudio's scream ___________.

2. It was a ___________.

3. It was the ___________ of times

4. "We’ve got no choice but to sell the goats," Bernard _________.

5. Genevieve rubbed at the ____________ under her eyes.

6. Anfal looked up at the stars, which ___________.

7. Careful not to wake the sleeping troll, Jordan __________.

8. Telling a writer of purple prose to use fewer adverbs is __________.

9. Brevity is _________.

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