Our Fave Classic Lit Characters Get a Modern Makeover

Lila Sell & Steffi Lynn


This slideshow was originally published in April 2016, but we're putting it up again because...WELL, NEED WE EVEN EXPLAIN?! Look at it. It's a gourddamn masterpiece. ENJOY.—the eds

Book nerds, if ever there was a time to rejoice, THIS IS IT, for Lila Selle and Steffi Lynn have combined their talents to bring you a LITERATURE-LOVER'S DREAM. Lila (who gave you Hogwarts heartthrobs as you've never seen them before) updated your fave famous characters (uh, Romeo with a man bun? YUS PLEASE), and Steffi (our resident Queen of Cute) added her trademark LE-GORGEOUS typography to create these VISUAL MASTERPIECES. Click through to swoon over them all!

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