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The Breakup Predictor

The Breakup Predictor


Are you and your SO rock steady, or is one of you on the verge of bebopping out?

This quiz was originally published in June 2016

1. Your SO hasn't responded to a text for two hours. You:

2. When you say "I love you," how does your SO respond?

3. You and your SO finish each others...

4. You and your SO have a movie date. Do you:

5. You and your SO fight:

6. In pictures together, your SO looks:

7. If you had to bet all your money that you and your SO will still be together this time next month, would you?

8. What epic movie gesture would best show how you feel about your SO?

9. If you did break up, you hope your SO...

10. Your friends all tell you that:

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