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QUIZ: Are You Living in a Literary Dystopia?

QUIZ: Are You Living in a Literary Dystopia?


It’s not easy living in a literary dystopia. Love is forbidden, the Town Elders are up to something, and everyone’s being forced to wear the same unflattering tunic.

1. Describe your wardrobe.

2. How unique are the names of the people in your social circle?

3. Have you ever ridden a train?

4. Is there a young person in your life who could reasonably be considered a metaphor for childhood innocence?

5. Is the revolution coming?

6. Are you now or have you ever been in a love triangle with two equally viable romantic interests?

7. What do you eat, on a typical day?

8. What do you think about when you’re lying awake at night?

9. Do you live in a small town, village, or community but find yourself wanting more?

10. Describe your love life, currently.

11. Have you recently been forced to take an Important Test or Meaningful Trial to determine your role in society?

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