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Our Most Popular Harry Potter Quizzes: A ROUNDUP

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Can You Match the Harry Potter Spell with Its Result?

Can You Match the Harry Potter Spell with Its Result?

Possibly the most stressful thing about being a wizard (other than the relentless threat of death) would be trying to remember what all the spells do. You know when you can’t remember something simple whilst studying, even though you saw the flashcard ten seconds ago and you know you know it but the answer just isn’t there? I imagine it’s like that, except instead of forgetting the capital of Rhode Island or the French word for "vegetable" you’ve forgotten how to produce a Shield Charm, and you’re duking it out with five Death Eaters in a battle on which rests the fate of the entire wizarding world.

That is the seriousness with which I expect you to take this quiz, by the way. No pressure, but if you can’t match each of these spells with what they do, it’s all over.

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