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Our Most Popular Harry Potter Quizzes: A ROUNDUP

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AH, SUMMERTIME, when the very air is a poisonous fume, humidity has Hermione'd your hair beyond all recognition, and you're literally sweating from your eyeballs. Is there no reprieve from the godforsaken hellscape that is nature? Actually, there is, and it's called THE GREAT INDOORS, a paradise where you can lounge around in unwashed sweatpants, re-reading your fave books and eating chunky peanut butter out of the jar all while the air conditioning hums blissfully in the background.

But even in such luxurious circumstances, you might eventually find yourself to be that most dreaded of adjectives: bored. ENTER THIS SLIDESHOW, wherein lies every Harry Potter SparkTest we’ve ever published. It is a proverbial goldmine of tricky trivia, riveting personality quizzes, and weird, incredible sh&# that you won’t find anywhere else, like “Which of Hagrid’s Mistakes Will You Make?” (Answer: all of them.) So venture forth, brilliant nerds, and prove your mettle. We'll be here when you finish, 2 months from now, and we solemnly swear that we will definitely not have eaten all of the ice cream in your entire house. Totally unrelated, but where do you keep your spoons? Asking for a friend. 

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