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QUIZ: Which Literary Movement Do You Belong In?

QUIZ: Which Literary Movement Do You Belong In?


Look, I like the twenty-first century as much as the next Internet-addicted youth goblin. But a part of me still FEELS like I should be writing shocking poetry, having rapturous epiphanies in the desert, and hating 1950s consumer culture with the rest of the Beat Generation.

Which literary movement do YOU belong in?

1. Where do most of your stories take place?

2. Where do you prefer to write?

3. Would you rather be a) moderately famous while you’re still alive but mostly forgotten once you're gone, or b) ignored in life, but a legend after your death?

4. What’s your writing process?

5. Describe your taste in music.

6. Which of these writers would you most want to meet?

7. Which of these do you typically write?

8. Which of these characters would most likely be found in your stories?

9. What is writing to you?

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