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Are You Too Sensitive?

QUIZ: Are You Too Sensitive?

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I'm not crying, this is a Snapchat filter.

1. What is the most recent thing that made you cry?

2. A friend takes you aside and says they're unhappy with you. How do you react?

3. When it comes to movies, you:

4. You turn in an English paper you're really proud of, but your teacher rips it to shreds. How do you react?

5. When you achieve something, how much do you need to be praised?

6. What is your Hogwarts house?

7. You're stuck in a room with four books on the shelf. Which do you read?

8. How often do you get offended?

9. You're in a Facebook comment disagreement with an acquaintance. How does it end?

10. If you were an instrument, you would be a:

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