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What's Your Outsiders Name?

What's Your Name in <em>The Outsiders</em>?

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Sixteen years on the street and you can learn a lot. A few hours on Wikipedia and you can learn even more. If you'd been part of Ponyboy's pack in S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders, what part would you have played, tough gal?

1. There's a rumble outside the movie theater! What's your move?

2. You've got a crush on a member of the rival gang. What do you do?

3. What's your greaser outfit?

4. What's your song?

5. How much grease are you going to be putting in your hair, anyhow?

6. How do you cruise the block?

7. What do you bring to the gang?

8. Favorite 1950s slang?

9. Are you with the Socs (Socials) or the Greasers?

10. The biggest question of all: if you find the church is on fire, would you go in to rescue the kids?

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