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QUIZ: How Indecisive Are You, on a Scale of 1 to Hamlet?

QUIZ: How Indecisive Are You, On a Scale of 1 to Hamlet?


Making decisions isn’t easy, whether you’re a regular person just trying to pick a college or a Danish prince who’s wondering if he should murder his uncle.

1. How do you tend to make decisions?

2. Typically, which person are you in the following group text?

3. How often do you find yourself struggling to find something to watch on Netflix?

4. Let’s say you just got a great opportunity, but it’s not without significant drawbacks. You only have an hour to decide. Thoughts?

5. How many times do you find yourself changing your clothes before leaving the house in the morning?

6. If given the choice, would you rather choose where to go out to eat or let someone else choose?

7. Would you rather know when you’re going to die, or know HOW you’re going to die?

8. Would your rather always have to say everything you’re thinking, or never speak again?

9. How much do you care about what others think?

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