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What YA Plot Describes Your Life?

What YA Plot Sums Up Your Life?

Open Road Films/Before I Fall

Are you young and/or ageless thanks to a creepy portrait in your attic? Are you keen for adventure? Are you determined and/or kind and/or intelligent and/or handy with an axe? Then you, my friend, are the perfect candidate for a YA novel protagonist. Take the quiz below to find out which YA plot is you in a nutshell!

1. What's the greatest obstacle in your life?

2. Your best friend is...

3. How's your relationship with your family?

4. Would you consider yourself clumsy or coordinated?

5. Choose your weapon.

6. Best way to deal with heartbreak?

7. Your story takes place in...

8. Who shows up, just in the nick of time?

9. Your greatest ambition is to...

10. Your story finishes with...

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