What You Should (& Shouldn't) Take Into Consideration When Choosing A College

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Choosing a college is a lot like competing in the Triwizard Tournament—you make the wrong choice, and all of sudden Cedric Diggory is dead, and you’re in a creepy graveyard with a dumb trophy and Lord Voldemort. (This analogy may be slightly flawed.) There’s a ton of pressure on you to pick the right place (you’ll be spending the next 3-5 years there, after all), and it can be hard to figure out what you should base your decision on.

It’s perfectly rational, for example, to take into account the location of the college—is it a short drive from home, or a 6-hour plane ride?—but it’s slightly less rational to take into account the location of the nearest Starbucks (is 14 blocks too far to walk to get that S’mores frappuccino? Trick question. NO distance is too far to walk for a S'mores frappuccino). Here are a few more things you should (and shouldn’t) take into consideration when you’re deciding where to go.

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