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Would You Rather... (We're On a Harry Potter Roll Here)

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Last week, we asked the age-old "BOOKS OR MOVIES?" question, and there was nary a lone dissenter amongst the ranks. It was the most unanimous decision since we as a society just universally decided to stop saying "ROFL."

TODAY'S QUESTION, however, was inspired by a discussion that got cooking in the comments by CeciliaCordelia, who's a terrible, brilliant genius and the hero we deserve:

Besides, if I never watched the movies, I could start a Harry Potter TV show based only on the books and it would be truer to them. Every episode a chapter or two, every season a book. This is my dream.

Doesn't that sound like the greatest thing ever? It would be a shame if you had to choose between that and some other really cool thing. OH WAIT WHOOPS MY HAND SLIPPED SORRY.

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