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Which Sonnet Describes Your Relationship?

Which Sonnet Describes Your Relationship?

Sometimes you just can't quite put how you feel about your relationship into words. Or, you can, but you end up saying things like "He's, uh... ehhhh..." or "Mmmmm," and those are actually not words. Luckily, most sonnets contain literally tens of words, and have been used to express sentiments ranging from "I love you" to "I hope you get hit by a bus," or whatever the old-timey phrasing of that would be (probably "yon busse"). Here are some examples.


1. What is your SO most likely to get you for birthday/Christmas/etc.?

2. Would your SO ever cheat on you?

3. Would you ever cheat on him?

4. Does he listen when you talk?

5. What is his biggest flaw?

6. Does he say "I love you?"

7. How does he treat you when his friends are around?

8. How does he sign his messages?

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