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Would You Rather... Featuring the Worst of the WORST

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Last time, we were basically all in agreement that it's better to live out the rest of your days as a one-spell wonder than to get your Hogwarts on for one single, glorious year of magical mischief and Snape-related sleuthing. NOW, however, we're going to test your decision-making skills with some internal conflict of the "SOME QUESTIONS SIMPLY SHOULDN'T BE ASKED, AND ALSO HOW DARE YOU" variety. Gather your wits, fellow Potterheads, and try this one on for size...

This WYR question was originally published in July 2015

Topics: Books
Tags: harry potter, books we love, fictional characters, dolores umbridge, would you rather, characters we hate, elodie's would you rather series, peter pettigrew, this question is our nightmare

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