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Snapchat Filters Inspired by 9 of Your Fave Fictional Characters

Kate Allan


At this point, we're veritable SnapChat PROS—we've done Snapechats, Snapchats from Hogwarts, and even Snaps from the founding fathers (those dudes knew how to deliver a well-timed drag). Was there any Snapchat ground left to cover? Lesser men would have said no. But we here are SparkLife are known not only for our incredible good looks but also for our tireless innovation, and we are nothing if not wildly creative. It only took us a 43-hour brainstorm sesh to come up with the concept of "Snapchat filters of some of our fave fictional characters," and you, friends, are reaping the rewards.—eds 

This slideshow was originally published in July 2016

Topics: Books
Tags: harry potter, the great gatsby, the hunger games, the picture of dorian gray, catcher in the rye, fictional characters, game of thrones, effie trinket, holden caulfield, gandalf, illustrated slideshows, snapchat, scout finch, daisy buchanan, snapchat filters, thanks to technology you can now grow a 2-foot gray beard instantaneously

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