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(RE)Introducing...Elodie's "Would You Rather" Series!

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There's nothing like a really good would-you-rather question to 1) make you think about life, and 2) destroy you emotionally. It always starts off with something innocent (e.g. "Would you rather be lonely and rich, or poor and in love?") but ultimately spirals downward into the rabbit hole of progressively terrible questions, until you and the other person are yelling things like, "WOULD YOU RATHER EAT A LIVE SQUIRREL, OR PUNCH YOUR OWN GRANDMOTHER? YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO DECIDE."

Now, if there's anything we at SparkLife love more than existentially fraught questions, it's existentially fraught questions about Harry Potter. That's why we'll be kicking off this brand-spanking-new series (in which we ask you a new Would You Rather question TWICE A WEEK) with the following HP-related query. WARNING: it's kind of a doozy.

This series originally began in 2015 but we're busting it out of the SparkLife Vault!

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