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Quiz: Would You Be Invited To a Gatsby Party?

QUIZ: Would You Be Invited to a Gatsby Party?

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Are you on the list, or will you have to watch from a nearby dock?

1. You’re game to wear sequins, feathers, a tiara, a tux, and/or use a fancy walking stick that goes with your outfit. Maybe even a monocle.

2. Do you prefer small talk or heavy, personal conversations?

3. Are you a night owl?

4. The Charleston, the Peabody, & the Turkey Trot: these are...?

5. "All that glitters is ___________"

6. You don’t see a problem with embellishing info about your personal life when speaking to strangers. In fact, you kind of think it’s fun to “role play” once in a while.

7. Celebrities are ___________.

8. How would you describe your moral code?

9. Would you rather see, or be seen?

10. You'd do anything for a swag bag.

11. Did you come here to party?

12. How do you feel about being called "old sport"?

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