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How To Play it Cool When You Run Into Your Ex

Jon Skindzier


You know the feeling: you're hanging out somewhere, you look across the room, and suddenly your stomach drops. You start to sweat. Your heart starts pounding. This is mostly because you have just eaten twelve tacos, but also, your ex is standing right there across the room.

Did he see you yet? Is he here with someone? Is there any way that you can pretend that all these taco wrappers belonged to a large group of friends, and that you haven't just eaten three days' worth of tacos all by yourself in the middle of the afternoon? Dimly you wonder if you can do something to make yourself look really cool and together, but it is too late because you are dying of tacos.

Running into your ex doesn't have to be like this! Follow these simple tips to make awkward ex run-ins go much more smoothly. (But also don't eat that many tacos.)

This slideshow was originally published in June 2016

Topics: Life
Tags: relationships, breakups, awkward situations, exes, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, avoid tacos & plate glass windows at all costs

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