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The Thirstiest Literary Characters, RANKED

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If you have zero cool, lots of enthusiasm, a massive crush on someone who maybe isn't aware of your existence, and a history of sending texts like, "I NOTICED THAT YOU LIKE BURRITOS I LIKE BURRITOS TOO MAYBE DO YOU WANT TO BE MY BOYFRIEND AND KISS ME ON MY MOUTH", there's a good chance that you're suffering from THE THIRST. 

Though we can't cure your thirst-ness (we're writers, dammit, not miracle-workers), we can at least reassure you that you're in good company: literature is packed with characters who go for their crushes in big ways, and usually get rejected/die alone/sprint toward the neartest exit, never to be heard from again. 

From the ever-so-slightly desperate to the mad-dehydrated-thirsty, we've got your thirstiest literary characters right here.
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Tags: harry potter, unrequited love, the great gatsby, pride and prejudice, peeta mellark, fictional characters, gollum, lydia bennet, mr. collins, thirsty, thirstylit, no one is safe from the the thirst

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