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The 9 Stages of BLARGH Before a First Date

Jon Skindzier


It’s finally happening. Either through sheer luck, weeks of unrelenting stalking, or ACTUAL DARK MAGIC (sorry not sorry, Dumbledore), you’ve got yourself a first date. As the wise sages we are, we have been on a combined TWO first dates, and are therefore rife with knowledge about such things. Be warned, there is a whirlwind of emotional trauma headed your way. It will be a firestorm of feelings so tumultuous that it will make Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts look like a minor brush with teenage hormones.

This slideshow was originally published in November 2015

Topics: Life, Advice
Tags: guides, awkward, dating, first dates, anxiety, how to, first date, panic, stomach butterflies, jgl, you're right on schedule for a freak out, how to go on a date, stages of a first date

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