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Turn Your Platonic Friendship into a ROMANTICAL ROMANCE in 5 Steps

Jon Skindzier


Falling for your friend is like falling down the stairs—it happens all at once, but also kind of in slow motion, and you are very confused, and then you wind up lying on the floor and weeping.

Maybe it starts because you begin to notice some things. Was his smile always this attractive, or has he been taking smiling lessons? Did he always look at you this intensely when you were talking, or have you had food on your face for like two months? Maybe your realization is even more subtle than that; you have a confusing dream in which he is your boyfriend, and it just seems to make sense, but then you're at school in your underwear and all your teeth fall out. You waste a week buying good toothpaste and incredible underwear before finally realizing what it might mean.

However it happens, it's never clear how you're supposed to move from a friendship to something more—so here's a rudimentary game plan to make it easier. 

This slideshow was originally published in June 2016

Topics: Life
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