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We Ditched Our Makeup for 24 Hours & Hardly Any of Us Died As a Result

We here at SparkLife are committed to bringing you cutting-edge journalism of the finest caliber, and nothing—not fear, nor exhaustion, nor the inevitability of defeat—will keep us from that mission.

So it goes without saying that when we were first presented with the concept of this slideshow—to spend an entire day without makeup—all of us responded with an enthusiastic, "Let's do it!"

JK. I broke into quiet sobs, Janet bolted from the room, Emily had a panic blackout, and Jessie just stared unblinkingly at our boss until he exploded into one thousand butterflies. But after I stopped weeping, and Janet returned, and Emily regained consciousness, and Jessie hot-glued all those butterflies back together to form the human being who is in charge of our collective fates, we realized that this concept might be worth pursuing. After all, if our experience was positive, we'd no longer have to spend 15 minutes (give or take 90 minutes) spackle-ing our faces with Sephora products each morning, freeing up all sorts of time for us to pursue our other hobbies (close-up magic and parkour).

The results of this brave social experiment are below, and they will shake the very foundations upon which your life, and society itself, are built. (<---False.) So grab a tub of raw cookie dough, hunker down, and brace yourself for unfiltered photographs of our faces. But be warned: my forehead alone has been known to wreak traumatic effects upon the psyche of stronger men than you.

Topics: Life
Tags: makeup, confidence, self-esteem, beauty, insecurities, self love, give us mascara or give us death

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