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7 Literary Characters Who Had Absolutely No Chill

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I thought about using some other, more scholarly phrase to describe these characters, but "no chill" is the only thing that feels even remotely adequate. I have no doubt that you will feel the same. I mean, look this photo of Tom "Khaki Jeggings" Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. What descriptors come to mind? Fierce? Sure. Ridiculous? Always. But in the Thunderdome of words, "no chill" beats them all. Here is a slideshow of literary characters who have never had a modicum of chill in their life.

This slideshow was originally published in February 2017

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Tags: shakespeare, wuthering heights, the great gatsby, pride and prejudice, jane eyre, the iliad, king lear, greek mythology, paradise lost, tom buchanan isn't #1 through #7 on this list but he could be

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