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1. In The Great Gatsby, how did Jay Gatsby acquire his wealth? Choose one:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Befriending a rich and lonely widow whose death was ruled an accident, but questions still linger
  • Whatever he was doing in that Wolf of Wall Street movie
  • Horcruxes

2. List the ways in which 1984's dystopia is similar or dissimilar to a Coldplay music video.

3. "The Beachside Strangler" would be an entirely justifiable nickname for which Lord of the Flies character?

If you stared unblinkingly at all three of those questions and felt the cold hand of death brush your shoulder, then clearly you haven't been keeping up with our Blogging the Classics series. Luckily for you, this mistake can easily be rectified, which is more than we can say of your tattoo (a photo-realistic portrait of Sirius Black is all well and good, and but ON YOUR FOREHEAD?!).

Click through this slideshow, bookmark this page, and VOILA: the term "required reading" will never again strike fear into your heart. Much like our legendary SparkNotes, this series is an invaluable source of info on symbolism, quote analysis, and character descriptions—plus, it's funny AF. 

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