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Are You Clingy?

QUIZ: Are You Clingy?

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Sometimes you get the bear; sometimes you are the bear and you just want to make sure no one leaves you ever.

1. What's your current relationship status?

2. You say "I love you." Your S.O. says nothing. How do you react?

3. Which image best captures your idea of love?

4. You're left alone in a room with your S.O.'s phone. What do you do?

5. How much PDA do you engage in?

6. Your S.O. announces they're going on a two month backpacking trip. How do you react?

7. How often do you hang out with friends without your S.O.?

8. How often do you text your S.O. when they're not around?

9. Assuming you stay together, you hope that you and your S.O. end up living...

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