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QUIZ: Is Your Life a Shakespearean Comedy or a Tragedy?

QUIZ: Is Your Life a Shakespearean Comedy or a Tragedy?

The Samuel Goldwyn Company/The Weinstein Company

Either you’re going to have a happy ending, or you’re going to die an easily preventable death at the hands of your dearest friend and greatest enemy. There is no in between.

1. What’s one of your personal flaws?

2. How many wacky misunderstandings have you experienced in the last week?

3. Do you ever have dreams that seem to foretell a coming disaster?

4. What's your approach to problem solving?

5. What motivates you?

6. How often would you say you mutter under your breath about murder?

7. Describe your friend group.

8. Do you believe in ghosts?

9. What’s your relationship status?

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