These Flowcharts Can Predict When You'll Get Your First Kiss

Reid Faylor


Is there any quest more fraught with peril than that of landing your first kiss? Yes. Loads of 'em. Hiking to Mount Doom in order to cast the Ring back into the fires from whence it came before Sauron covers all the lands in a second darkness, for one. Talking to your crush while eating a sesame-seed bagel (DEAR GOD THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS STUCK IN YOUR TEETH), for another.

But thanks to the brillz-skillz-to-pay-the-billz Reid Faylor, you no longer have to worry about how, when, where, and what to kiss—his signature flowcharts have answered those questions for you. Click through, then pucker up: WE SENSE A SMOOCH IN YOUR FUTURE.—eds  

This slideshow was originally published in April 2016

Topics: Life
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