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QUIZ: Which Underrated Literary Heartthrob Is Your Soul Mate?

QUIZ: Which Underrated Literary Heartthrob Is Your Soulmate?


Oh, everyone has pictures of Harry Potter, Gale Hawthorne, and Laurie (aka Teddy aka Theodore Laurence) plastered across the walls of their room, but some of us like to show a little chill in the characters we self-ship; literary buffs are, after all, a nuanced bunch (right?). We like characters who make us read between the lines to see what fantastic catches they are (Exhibit A for underrated seemingly-nobodies who turn into ideal boyfriend/girlfriend material: Neville Longbottom).

To find out which obscure S.O. you are going to be crushing on, take this quiz and GET THAT BANDWAGON READY, because you're going to be joined by fellow shippers down the line.

1. You’re invited to a ball, your first thought is…

2. What shape does your Patronus take?

3. What would be the most thoughtful gift a S.O. could give you?

4. What is the most underrated Disney movie?

5. How would you describe love?

6. What TV show are you obsessed with?

7. What would you do on your perfect first date?

8. What is the most underrated quality in a S.O.?

9. What is your favorite dessert?

10. What is your idea of a romantic meet-cute?

11. Are you afraid of heights?

12. What is your favorite scent?

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