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Famous Quotes (Misremembered)

Tyler Feder


These quotes are historical favorites, the famous-est of the famous, the quotes that endure, year after year. Why? Because they inspire, because they're wise...and because even though they were said decades ago by some old, white dudes, they can still seem eerily relevant to your experience as a teenager in the 21st century (just see Mark Twain's quotes on slide 2 for proof). Click through to refresh your memory on these classics—we're pretty sure we got 'em verbatim, but don't quote us on that. 

All illustrations by the fabulous Tyler Feder!

This slideshow was originally published in November 2015

Topics: Life
Tags: quotes, fdr, john lennon, nathan hale, nietzsche, motivational quotes, tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people

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