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Quiz: Are You a Good S.O.?

QUIZ: Are You a Good S.O.?

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To misquote Henry James: "Three things in human dating are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind."

1. Do you know your S.O.'s birthday?

2. Have you surprised your S.O. with a present/a romantic date/a handmade card at least three times in the past year?

3. Would you go to a party at your S.O.’s BFF’s house, even if you and the BFF didn't get along?

4. Do you know your S.O.'s favorite book and/or movie?

5. Would you offer to join your S.O. at their grueling family functions?

6. Do you know your S.O.'s favorite food?

7. Are you honest with your S.O. when they do something that upsets you?

8. Are you a good listener? (Meaning: you’re available to listen, you don’t interrupt, and you give advice—when asked for—that you think would serve your S.O. best, not necessarily what you would do.)

10. Do you take an interest in your S.O.’s hobbies and activities (and join in when you can)?

12. Does your S.O.'s family like you?

13. Do you compliment your S.O. on the reg?

14. True or false: you try to keep your jealousy and insecurity in check.

15. How do you feel if your S.O. says they need some alone time?

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