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6 Valentines You Should DEFINITELY Give to Your Crush

Jon Skindzier


Though we can't predict the future*, we can say with 100%** certainty that if you give one of these valentines to your crush, they will fall completely and irreversibly in love with you.*** Hey, have we ever been wrong before?**** We have not.***** 

*We CAN predict the future, and if you're a Virgo, we're sorry to say that the safest thing you can do right now is probably just set your computer on fire.

**It's actually closer to 8% certainty, but we rounded up. 

***There is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. 

****Yes, all the time. 

*****Bold-faced lie. 

Topics: Life
Tags: valentine's day, flirting, crushes, valentines, flirting while awkward, they practically do the awkward flirting for you

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