These Flowcharts Solve Every Possible Valentine's Day Problem (Except the Fact that Chris Pratt Is Married. There Is No Solving That.)

Reid Faylor


Reid Faylor has made flowcharts for Christmas, crushes, New Year's resolutions, going to back to school, and how many dogs you've seen, so it seemed only right that he add the love-iest/loneliest day of the year to his collection. If you don't have a date for the 14th, don't despair—that just frees you up to spend the evening clicking through these hilarious slides while eating cookie dough straight out of the tube. SOUNDS LIKE A DAMN GOOD NIGHT TO US. 

This slideshow was originally published in February 2016

Topics: Life
Tags: valentine's day, flow charts, funny things, illustrated slideshows, flowcharts, valentine's day gifts, valentine's day flowcharts, ideal v-day date? anything that backs up your alibi.

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