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Should You Tweet That Tweet?

QUIZ: Should You Tweet That Tweet?

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Take this quiz or delete your account.

1. Is your heart thudding with rage?

2. Are you directly threatening a living, breathing person with physical harm?

3. Are you tweeting at a celebrity who you have already tweeted at more than three times this week?

4. Does your tweet include graphic details of a stomach/mucus-related illness from which you are currently suffering?

5. Are you subtweeting (cattily throwing shade at but not mentioning by name) someone who tweeted in the last five minutes?

6. Are you tweeting song lyrics that express the innermost anguish of your soul?

7. Does your tweet contain identifying information about your address, your phone number, or your email?

8. Is your tweet explaining someone's joke to them?

9. Is your tweet attempting to win an argument with someone whose avatar is a Twitter egg/cartoon frog/Confederate flag/offensive imagery?

10. Are you sober?

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