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Snapchats from Hogwarts

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You know what's cool? Magic. Spell-castingDragons. You know what's less cool? Snapchat, if you're a loser like me. I live a very dull life, so when all the world's non-losers send me snaps of their hooligan parties, I am forced to respond with poorly lit selfies in bed with the caption "gettin' slizzard" because I haven't had a social life since circa 2009.

I assume if I had gone to Hogwarts, things would be different. Cool stuff is always going down at Hogwarts. People are always getting into magic fights, and there are usually at least 1-3 murderers running amok. We've already done InstagramNetflixtexting—even So in an effort to bring you the full spectrum of wizarding social media, here's what it would look like if the non-losers of Hogwarts had Snapchat.

This slideshow was originally published in December 2015

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Tags: harry potter, books we love, hogwarts, hermione granger, ron weasley, fictional characters, draco malfoy, voldemort, characters we love, snapchat, technology at hogwarts, but seriously phones aren't even supposed to work inside hogwarts how is this happening

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