Romantic Rivalries Part DEUX

Tyler Feder


As a follow-up to her hilarious Romantic Rivalries slideshow, the ridiculously talented Tyler Feder chose six more sets of fictional characters who are pitted against each other in the desperate quest to win the heart of the one they love (RUN-ON SENTENCE FTW). Click through to see which gent/lady you would choose, then hit the comments so we can debate the merits of James Potter vs. Severus Snape. (HA! JK. We've gotta go with James on that one. Sucks to suck, Snivelus.)

This slideshow was originally published in November 2015

Topics: Books, Life
Tags: harry potter, pride and prejudice, mean girls, love triangles, fictional characters, severus snape, characters we love, beauty and the beast, elizabeth bennet, romantic rivals, james potter, gaston, cedric diggory, the competition is fierce and the hairstyles are fiercer

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