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Happy Holidays from the SparkNotes Illustrators!

Kate Allan/Reid Faylor/Risa Rodil


In celebration of the holiday season and the fact that we get Friday off (VICTORIOUS HIGH FIVES FOR ERRRRRBODY), we've gathered up the quirkiest, cutest collection of custom holiday illos and gifs, created by our own brilliantly talented SparkLife artists! Click through to see/share them all, and then HAVE THE BEST HOLIDAYS YOU'VE EVER HOLIDAYED!

Some of these cards were originally published in December 2015, but we've added some fab new ones to the mix because OUR GENEROSITY KNOWS NO BOUNDS. 

Topics: Life
Tags: harry potter, star wars, awesome things, cards, funny things, cute things, hermione granger, besties, ron weasley, sherlock, illustrated slideshows, holiday cards

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