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Quiz: Are You So Sad or So Awkward?

Quiz: Are You So Sad or So Awkward?

YouTube/Vevo; Instagram/tavitulle

Your life is tragic, but it is it art?

1. Your glitter tears are:


2. Crying in public is:


3. The best way to get something off your chest is:


4. Choose an Instagram filter for your selfie:


5. Choose an author:

Unsplash/Lacie Slezak

6. What is going on here?

7. What do you think when you see yourself in a mirror?


8. The last thought I have before attending my own birthday party is:


9. I have anonymously published poetry to the internet:

Unsplash/Clay Banks

10. I relate to kittens because:

Unsplash/Ling Nguyen

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