What Fairy Tale Hero Are You?

What Fairy Tale Hero Are You?

Disney/Laurie Sparham

There's no shortage of fairy tale heroes—but only a few of those heroes are brave enough to, say, eat a life-size house (lookin' at you, Hansel and Gretel!), or fall in love with a monstrous beast (shoutout, Belle!).

The heart of a fairy tale hero probs beats in your chest—just take this quiz to find out which courageous, albeit potentially very misguided character it belongs to.

All images used in this quiz are courtesy Disney Studios

1. Which word best describes you?

2. Your favorite candy bar is sitting, unopened and unattended on a park bench. What do you do?

3. What's the best perk for a potential college?

4. What Harry Potter character are you most like?

5. In your worst nightmares...

6. In times of trouble, you turn to:

7. You're often torn between...

8. You're being held against your will in a prison cell! What do you do?

9. When it comes to romance, you...

10. Happy endings...

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