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We Sorted The Force Awakens Characters Into Hogwarts Houses & Created the Hottest Fandom EVER

Little Chmura


Was the Resistance the original Dumbledore's Army? All signs point to YASSSS. Think about it: both have a courageous leader with an unruly head of hair, a fierce, brilliant woman who cares deeply for her friends and gets maaaad sh*# done, and a lovable, loyal goof with a brave heart. And to top it off, both universes also have a handsome bad boy who has the smallest chance to leave the dark side/black turtlenecks behind and step back into the light (DON'T HUG VOLDEMORT, DRACO. DON'T YOU DO IT).  

In conclusion, this theory is genius and will one day be recognized as our generation's most significant contribution to the internet. So while you're clicking through this gorgeous Force Awakens/Harry Potter mashup, just bear in mind that you're part of HISTORY IN THE MAKING. 

All illustrations were created exclusively for SparkLife by the fabulous Little Chmura

Topics: Books
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