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Snapchats from Odysseus

Wikimedia Commons


I understand that there are people who use Snapchat, and use it well. I am not one of those people. This is largely because I never go anywhere or do anything, but what do you want from me? You want me to put on pants? Leave my house? Odysseus did that, and look where it got him.

DISCLAIMER: Putting together this slideshow wasn't easy. People seem to have little to no interest in painting Odysseus WITH HIS CLOTHES ON, and you guys were one "THAT'S IT, I GIVE UP" outburst away from getting a slideshow made up entirely of butts. You'll click through, you'll chuckle, maybe, and you'll move on with your life, but just know that this slideshow was built on the sacrifice of my innocence and the cropping of many, many butts.

Topics: Books
Tags: the odyssey, classic literature, memes, homer, greek mythology, elodie blogs the odyssey, calypso you up?, snapchats from literature

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