How Much of a Grandma Are You?

How Much of a Grandma Are You?


Whether you're into knitting, you wheel and deal in Werther's Originals, or you know someone named Gladys, there's no denying that you are—indeed, we all are—some degree of grandma.

1. Your friends are coming over in an hour! How do you prepare?

2. Your best friend has chocolate on her face. What do you do?

3. How often do you wake up at 5 AM?

4. You've worn a hole in your sock. What do you do?

5. Describe your ideal Friday night.

6. How do you celebrate a friend's birthday?

7. What activity have you always dreamed of mastering?

8. What does self-care look like for you?

9. What's your ideal bedtime?

10. Your favorite outfit involves…

11. You'll never understand why some people have a problem with...

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