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Will You Survive This Semester?

Will You Survive This Semester?

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Everything is awesome/new/fine/already ruined.

1. What did you bring to the first day of school?

2. What's your friend sitch this semester?

3. What are your off periods like this semester?

4. How are you liking your teachers?

5. What do you eat for lunch?

6. Are you going to go to Homecoming?

7. What did you use to cover your books?

8. What your study tactic?

9. What does your locker look like?

10. How are things going with your crush so far?

12. What is your note-taking style?

13. What's your go-to outfit?

14. Where do you do most of your studying?

15. What's your preferred type of final?

16. What do you do after school?

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