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Which Voldemort Are You?

QUIZ: Which Voldemort Are You?


Whether you prefer to call him by his given name (Tom Marvolo Riddle), his chosen name (The Dark Lord), or the non-names that some wizards whisper in place of either out of pure petrification (You-Know-Who/He Who Must Not Be Named), Lord Voldemort was bad to the bone in every single one of his lifetimes.

So, if you’re squeamish about comparing yourself to evil incarnate, head to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes for some good, clean fun. But if you do dare to find out which stage of Voldy you’re existing in right now, whisper a little parseltongue and unlock your own chamber of secrets with this quiz!

1. Which is more desirable?

2. What’s worse?

3. What would you rather have as a BFF?

4. Dumbledore is …

5. How do you feel about baby Potter?

6. How does the most powerful wizard in all the land dress?

7. Noses are:

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