In Honor of National Poetry Month, We're Becoming Poetry Insurgents

In Honor of National Poetry Month, We're Becoming Poetry Insurgents

Vitoria Bas

I, too, dislike it.
Reading it, however, with a perfect 
   contempt for it, one discovers in
it, after all, a place for the genuine. 

—Marianne Moore, "Poetry"

Poetry is the worst, right? Despite the fact that I spent two years getting an MFA in poetry, I'm not even pandering when I say that. Actually, I'm Marianne Moore-ing. Poetry is a little like that kid in your history class who you want to like, if only he would stop interrupting the teacher to say, "Well, actually, my dad is a Civil War re-enactor, and that's not entirely accurate." OKAY, WE GET IT, BRENDAN.

But! Like Marianne Moore, I also think poetry is pretty amazing. It's this pure expression of love for language. It's so alive! You know how your parents say that they want you to live up to your potential because they love you so much? That's how I feel about language. Language, you could be a doctor AND a lawyer! You could be the CEO of your own startup—an app where you try repeatedly to befriend your neighbors, a family aloof capybaras. And you, Syntax! You could be an incorruptible senator!

Even as I, too, dislike it, I love poetry fervently. And during this, National Poetry Month, we're professing our love with Acts of Poetry Insurgence (TM pending). We'll be ~~sneaking~~ poetry into all kinds of posts. That might mean a line of John Donne in a SparkTest about crushes

I am two fools, I know,
      For loving, and for saying so
          In whining poetry
—John Donne, "The Triple Fool"

or egregious acts of meter, rhyme (prepare yourselves, it's almost time)—

it could mean line

-breaks with secret meanings, or else a recklesslotta smashwords.

If you spot an AoPI this month, call it out in the comments for electric kudos in the form of gifs and maybestickers!

It's National Poetry Month, friendos. Expect the uncorrected.

Leave your own smashwords and metered rants below!

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